Paramedical (All Indian Institute of Medical Science) is conducted by the India Institute of Medical Science every year.

The examination is conducted for admission in undergraduate Paramedical Courses offered by the various institutions. Every year, a huge number of students participate in the entrance exam and get admission to the desired colleges. For this student has to register themselves on the official websites of the institute.AIIMS has allowed the candidates to generate the codes for final registration and can choose the center city and pay the application fee, candidates whose basic registration was accepted will be eligible for final registration. By following some steps, students get to register themselves for the exam.

Eligibility Criteria of Paramedical(AIIMS)

Paramedical(All Indian Institute of Medical Science)  is a job-oriented training course. Where the students trained for real-life medical experiences. It is very important to know about the eligibility criteria of Paramedical (All Indian Institute Of Medical Science), 

These are as follows:-

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Paramedical AIIMS Coaching In Kanpur

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